TREND 2020

Why ?

Everybody has the right to have a secured and strong financial future, therefore, is the world’s first
decentralized global platform which not only helps you to invest in a risk free business income plan but
also helps you to have limitless daily earnings by just giving a few moments.

Key Features

Totally Risk free
It is an Open-source Smart Contract based on Block chain Ethereum. Powered by ETHER Crypto Currency - International and Decentralized.
Pay Out From Smart Contract
This concept is designed to transfer your money from wallet to wallet. All transactions are 100% from the contract address to participants' wallets. Wallets are anonymous.
It is designed in such a way that no one can change the algorithm or delete the members' rooms. The system is able to work without a site. The site is needed only for convenient display of statistics.
For Everyone
Become a Member in – 0.22 ETH (approx. $ 54). ETHER is the second largest crypto Currency platform by market capitalization.
Easy to understand and earn
3X3 matrix system with only one Direct Sponsor joining required to open up a huge opportunity of earning a continuous passive income of up to 12.8 Million Dollars.
Smart Contract is Easy & Simple
It is easy to understand and operate for anyone and everyone who are new to this concept. is a smart contract which runs on the blockchain ethereum ecosystem, therefore, it does not require
any human intervention to run and operate, no human intervention is required or allowed to operate and execute the
transactions, hence, it is the world’s first 100 percent risk free decentralized system to earn money online.


Business Model

No more minuses of Matrix Marketing: Just Self Join and Refer just One more Person to join in your downline to open up the
possibilities of Earning $12.8 Million of Automated Passive Income.

1. How is this Income Possible ?

Well, it’s really simple, the Entire Community Matrix Works for you, they help you expand automatically.

2. Why and how would the other community members help me earn automatically ?

Well they aren’t. This plan in reality not only gives you an opportunity to earn $12.8 million as passive income but it also gives all the people, a platform, to work while sitting in the comforts of their home and earn a limitless Income for a lifetime, and that income is in a much bigger proportion.

So, basically, millions of people who will be working to earn the direct sponsor incomes in this program on a daily basis shall indirectly expand the tree under you day by day, Even while you are sleeping!!! Isn’t is so amazing!!! How technology and human ambitions has allowed this program to become one of the best efforts of community earnings created in the history of Mankind.

3. Can I also take part and earn from home through the direct sponsor income ?

Yes, indeed. And you should, because, the direct sponsor income gives you an earning of Approx. $24 per single referral in POOL-1 upto $352 per single referral in POOL-5, which is an extra ordinary share of income for a joining plan starting with only $54 Approx.

4. How would I refer new joining under me ?

That too has been sorted for you in the simplest manner. All you need to do is share the marketing link and materials given to you by the system in your profile, on the social media, with friends, family and colleagues etc. BASICALLY the more and more you can, after all, that is how the human community comes together, by the emotion called SHARING.

People who become community member and join through your link automatically go under your downline and guess who gets the huge direct sponsor incomes of all such joining ? Yes you.

Steps to Join

Choose Ethereum Wallet
We recommend you use one of our chosen partner wallets namely, Metamask, Trust Wallet or Coinbase.
Make Registration
Click on JOIN button on your mobile or computer screen, thereafter it will automatically retrieve your wallet address below the automatic sign-up bar, then click Sign-up Automatically.
Approve Payment
A simple 2 step method wherein first it will ask you to click the CONFIRM button where your upline is confirmed and then click APPROVE on you mobile or computer Screen to proceed with your ID Creation

Choose your DApp wallet

DApp is way to connecting your wallet to Smart-contract to do transaction in a secure and easy way.
We recommend the following wallets to start your business with us:-
Web wallet
Android & iOS
Trust wallet
Android & iOS

Note :- If you still want to understand the joining process and anything in more detail, then you can click on the support button where other
community members in our telegram group will help you join.

We also advise you to download and install telegram instant messenger for fast and better communication among the community and also to
receive the latest news, updates, marketing materials etc. after you have the telegram instant messenger in your
device, you can connect and join our community’s telegram group via support button on this website.


Opportunity, Success & Transparency

Global Opportunity
wallet It accepts ETHER as its trading crypto Currency, hence it can be operated from around the world, therefore, anybody on the globe can join and start earning from anywhere.
Guaranteed Success
wallet The Entire Business Model Is Based On A 100% Decentralized Smart Contract Executed In The Etherium Blockchain Which Gives The Participants A Guarantee Of Success In Return Of Their Investment And Work.
wallet Every Transaction interaction is managed and recorded by a smart contract on the ethereum block chain ledger, hence, the entire business model and all the transactions happening in the program can be followed by general public.


What is ?
In the times of current ongoing global crisis every human being is worried about his/her financial future, therefore, in these collapsing economies the only way to stay financially strong in the long run requires global cooperation and hence, this Cyber Trust has been created to bring all the mankind together under one global help and earning program. is the world's first-ever cryptocurrency matrix project to deploy a self-executing smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The smart contract is a part of a globally distributed network and its operation and transactional data are managed by multiple member computers. As such, there is no central authority governing the operation of the project, because it was created by the people, for the people.

Inherent features of Ethereum Blockchain smart contracts means that any unauthorized attempts to modify the smart contract or its transactional records is not possible, because the decentralization of these records will be rejected on the basis of data inconsistencies in previous copies of the block.
Who Owns CyberTrust.Money and can this program shut down in future ?
Nobody owns or can take over this program. CyberTrust.Money is a smart contract business plan working on the basis of the Ethereum Blockchain System, therefore, it does not require any human to run, control or operate the functions and transactions of the program.

This Matrix project runs on a decentralized Ethereum platform which supports a Smart contract. The Smart Contract will exist as long as the block Chain exists and even the creators of the smart contract will not be able to delete or change its terms.
What if we need any technical support ?
It’s as easy as it gets.
1. Community members help you start
2. Step by step business training on the website and our YouTube channel videos
3. Promotional materials provided through our telegram community
4. 24x7 Instant Support available through our telegram community ( click support button on your screen to access )